Rescue & Recovery

Want to practice getting back on your board in the warm and have an opportunity to try out different techniques and learn how to help others, now's your chance.

If you regularly paddle with others it's important you all know how to help each other, working as a team is so much easier.

We've put on two pool dates to start off the season in a heated pool. Both will be held at  Hymers College, Hull


Each session will be 2 hours, the 1st hour will be a theory refresher on dry land covering



You will then have an opportunity to change into wet gear, we will then spend an hour in the pool practising and refining our skills.  Dress for a warm summer paddle, all participants will be expected to wear a buoyancy aid, either bring your own or borrow ours to add the sense of realism.


We will be using our boards for the session, it is not possible to use your own boards due to the pool environment.


Dates : Sun 5th March 12.00

Dates : Sun 12th March 12.00

Dates : Sun 26th March 12.00